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698 - Paleontologist Peter Larson visits the museum

Peter Larson looking at the Teyler Archaeopteryx (Haarlem specimen)  together with curator Anne Schulp.

Peter L. Larson (born 1952) is an American fossil collector, and president of the  Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, a company that excavates, prepares, and sells fossils. He led the team that excavated "Sue", the largest and most complete specimen of Tyrannosaurus rex found to date, and has published numerous scientific and popular works on dinosaur paleontology,
Anne Schulp and Peter Larson in the Fossil Room of Teylers Museum 27th may 2015. Schulp is pointing at a rare Dutch dinosaur (Hadrosaur) bone found in the St. Pietersberg near Maastricht.

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