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690 - Sir Michael Berry in the museum

Sir Michael Berry, who has been awarded the 2014 Lorentz medal by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences yesterday visited Teylers Museum today. Here on the photo standing in front of Lorentz private library with director Marjan Scharloo and science curator Trienke van der Spek.

The British physicist Michael Berry, emeritus professor at the University of Bristol, is receiving the award for the development of the theory of the geometric phase, which plays an important role in both the classical and quantum mechanical theory of waves.

Berry reminds us of Lorentz not only because of his field of research, but also because of the similarities in style and interests. Berry, like Lorentz, combines theoretical questions with practical applications, and does not shy away from detailed calculations. Both scientists share a talent for discovering hidden gems in mundane problems and see connections that others overlook. An example from Berry's work is the connection between singularities in a rainbow and tsunamis. Read more on the website of the KNAW.

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