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663 - The exotic fishes of Louis Renard

The first edition of the book was published by Louis Renard in Amsterdam in about 1719. According to the title-page puff, it was almost thirty years in the making. Only 100 copies were produced and it is now extremely rare. The second edition appeared in 1754 under the auspices of the prominent publishers Reinier and Josué Ottens, also of Amsterdam. The second edition is in Teylers collection and digitized. Michael F. Suarez, director of The Rare Book School in Charlottesville, Virginia visited the Teyler science department on thursday 4th september 2014 do to some research on the Renard. He was interested in the paper, the watermarks and especially the colouring of the fishes. The whole book can be seen here. More information about this book here.

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