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643 - Examining rare books in the library

On may 30th Leslie Overstreet, curator of Natural-History Rare Books of the Smithsonian Institution Libraries, Washington visted the museum to examine our specimen of Marcus Catesbys(1683-1749)

The natural history of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands: containing the figures of birds, beasts, fishes, serpents, insects and plants; particularly the forest-trees, shrubs, and other plants ... to which are added observations on the air, soil and waters.

The book was the first major contribution to American biology.

Mrs. Overstreet is the specialist on this book by Catesby. She examined more then 50 copies of this title. Originally there were 200 copies made in the years 1731-1743. Nowadays appr. 100 specimen in slightly different versions are to be found in institutions all over the world. Here you can admire Teylers 4 volumes by turning the pages.

Mrs. Overstreet was accompanied by profesor Kay Etheridge (on the photo below) of the Department of Biology of the Gettysburg College who took a special interest in our copie of Louis Renards

Poissons ecrevisses et crabes, de diverses couleurs et figures extraordinaires, que l' on trouve autour des Isles Moluques, et sur les côtes des Terres Australes.

The book with beautiful tropical fishes and the famous image of a meremaid inside.

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