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Behind the scenes of the Teylers Museum

Today I visited the Teylers Museum in the beautiful city of Haarlem, in order to see their exhibition of the work of Anton Mauve (who tutored Vincent van Gogh). The show is part of a joint venture with the Singer Laren museum, which together forms the largest ever exhibition of Mauve's work, with many pieces flown in from foreign collections (particularly from the US) and including works from private collections that would not normally be shown to the public.

The result, at least the part that can be seen in the Teylers, is stunning: A luminous (the term is particularly appropriate in the context of the oil paintings) collection of works from a master who, it seems, could effortlessly succeed at everything: Magnificent large oil paintings, oil sketches, drawings, etches done as a hobby... all present, all wonderful.

I can't wait to see the rest at the Singer Laren.

Thanks 0b5cUr1tY

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